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Placebo effect — Most of you know this deep within but lack belief in your ownself.

Growing up you must have noticed people around you subconsciously using this effect. Its a knowledge deliberately kept away in Pandora’s box. You might be surprised to realize pastors and miracle workers are using this method to claim attention.

People can heal themselves through the power or energy already available within them. It comes down to building yours and your neighbors faith in self and the god within.

We’re currently in the midst of a huge upgrade in human consciousness and people who have…

In recent years as I’ve traveled this earth and done my own inner work I’ve found my self asking the question how did we (humanity) get here to this point we’re at? How as a human race have we become like we are?

It took much looking into my own heart, a process of remembering, as well as studying ancient people such as the Mayans, Native Americans, Egyptian’s, the Greeks, Aboriginal Australians and other indigenous cultures and elders looking at the vast range of texts and teachings over the ages.

Combined with 30 odd years of living, lessons, experience as…

At this time of great transformation on this planet I’ve been dreaming about a better world. We are the creators of our own reality and a better world is in the palm of our hand..

Many of us know deep down that the way we as a human species have been and are currently behaving on this planet is not sustainable. We’ve been given this time to stop, think, reflect and dream of a new way.

Together as one human family we can create a world of peace, respect and love.

A world where men, women are treated as equals…

The human mind is a evaluative tool of questionable judgment and delusory projections. While the history of “civilized” humanity is a picture of one assumption after another proven wrong over and over again.

Yet most of us walk around certain that we know why we are here and what the purpose of life is; all wrapped up in a complex and oversaturated bubble of modern techno fantasies including unrestricted freedom and hedonistic liberation.

It is some what of a mystery to me that we are so incredible talented at fabricating stories that we come to believe as unquestionably true. Especially…

Written on 17th of Jan 2020 (can be also seen at my blog

We see the welcome of not only a new year but also a new decade. If we look back at the last 10 years and see how much has changed with us maybe not only an individual level but also humanity and how much things has sped up and how many advancements have been made on soo many fronts it’s staggering.

This decade is a very pivotal point for humanity, the planet and all life forms existing on mother earth.

We see today soo much going…


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