Placebo Virus

Placebo effect — Most of you know this deep within but lack belief in your ownself.

Growing up you must have noticed people around you subconsciously using this effect. Its a knowledge deliberately kept away in Pandora’s box. You might be surprised to realize pastors and miracle workers are using this method to claim attention.

People can heal themselves through the power or energy already available within them. It comes down to building yours and your neighbors faith in self and the god within.

We’re currently in the midst of a huge upgrade in human consciousness and people who have had knowledge like this to control & manipulate humanity are crashing down and humans are breaking the chains of boundaries and limits towards sovereignty & freedom.

This virus began with just fear and dependence to confuse your natural immune system which has limitless infinite energy. We are power of the cosmos in human form.

Certain powers had to breed enough fear and confusion in people through popular media and powerful popular people like actors and doctors using money and collateral damage.

If an individual is in fear and confusion, it will naturally try to be dependent. Similarly, the cells or the immune system responds to the state of mind in order to work simultaneously. Your fighting cells are in fear and confusion so naturally it loses power to fight any disease or virus when it has infinite potential to be weak.

If you are in fear from within, your cells will be in fear. Then you get dependent and lose faith in self. If you are confused your cells get confused.

How much do you know about your body?

The lock downs are a perfect time to unlearn and learn true hidden knowledge about yourself, your real self. If you fast, your body doesn’t get tired on digestion. You focus more.

Sit still, breathe consciously and start observing your thoughts. When you come to a thought you don’t like, pause it, observe it, take the lesson or clean energy out of it and heal it. You’ll find selflove. Next time when somebody triggers that thought you no longer will feel angry or sad because you’ve already healed it.

Once you’ve healed, you’ll spread a new thing around known as healing.

This deep placebo effect of fear and dependency is used by current political leaders and governments globally. Controlling and confusing people through mass media and what i call fear porn.

The moment you catch a usual fever, you increase chances of getting cov(i)d because of the programing. All you have to do is get confused with fear and your body will start making this virus in your body through information of how the virus works inside through animations shown through current media.

The more fearful an individual is, the greater the chances of creating the virus.

Stand up & empower yourself my friends now is the time…




Artist | Writer | Freethinker

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Nomad Traveller

Nomad Traveller

Artist | Writer | Freethinker

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